One decade ago, online dating was basically a taboo topic, and sites like doublelist didn’t even exist yet. But today online dating has already become very mainstream, if not the only way to meet someone suitable, right? Even successful entrepreneurs such as Tom Bilyeu famously said, “If I were single, I would definitely join a dating app!”

  • How to use dating apps to meet people and make great things happen

The first step is to do some research about the best dating apps on the market. Yes, there are hundreds of dating apps out there, so you have to filter these tools and choose the right dating apps for yourself.

Second, you should join more than one dating app so that you can maximize your chance of meeting someone suitable – in order to find quality, quantity surely matters in the first place!

Lastly, it’s your responsibility to meet people in person quickly and decide who is the right candidate & who is the wrong candidate. Don’t waste several weeks chatting with anyone on the Internet!

  • Why offline dating is still relevant

Although Internet dating is mainstream these days, it doesn’t mean offline dating is not valuable anymore, okay? In my opinion, offline dating is still very valuable today because we live in a modern world where everyone is looking at their phone. Consequently, many people aren’t very charismatic – they aren’t practicing using the right body language and having the best impact in real life. Hence, if you can work on yourself and improve your charisma, you will easily stand out from the crowd in the offline dating department.

Bonus tips:

  1. Do the group version of the activities that you already do. Let’s say you love painting – can you join a painting class where you can meet many like-minded people?
  1. Figure out where your ideal partner is, and you should be there, too! If your ideal partner is someone who would go to the gym on a Saturday morning, then you should totally go to the gym this Saturday!